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Building a house, either for a single family or for multi-family use requires complex planning and a lot of experience. From getting the permits to the moment you get to enjoy your brand-new living room for the very first time, Alpha TC Inc will deliver the best experience you’ve had with a residential construction company.
Also called renovation, residential remodeling is the work of making your old house or parts of it new again. A good residential remodeling contractor is experienced and has the references to prove it, is licensed and insured and, more importantly, is able to lead a team of workers and subcontractors to deliver quality work.
A new addition can give you an extra room, a new house level, a brand new garage and more. If you have a growing family, need more space or just want a space where you can practice your hobby, house additions may be the right choice for you. Despite the initial investment, home additions can add significantly to the value of your house.

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